What a few of my clients have to say about my work.

Lori Shepherd, Founder and Owner, 25SecondsPR

When I decided to strike out on my own in 2014, leaving the big PR firm I had been with for years, I knew I needed some help on an as-needed basis. My preference was for someone who could write well on a variety of topics and who could assist me on the public relations front.

I found Sarah on a now-defunct site that matches freelancers and clients. I loved her writing, her disposition, her professionalism and her work ethic. No matter the topic, Sarah is always up to the challenge. 

Of note, in 2020, I suggested Sarah ghostwrite the memoir of one of my clients. He still raves about it! I will continue to work with Sarah for years to come. 

Sarah Zorn, Former Senior Manager of Copy, PetPlate

I oversaw the blog for PetPlate, a Black-founded and female-run human-grade dog food company. We were looking for writers who could craft engaging and informative articles that could appeal to a wide swath of pet parents and consistently drive traffic, all the while embodying the commitment to diversity and forward-thinking qualities we value. 

Sarah fit the bill on all fronts. And just as importantly, she’s a total workhorse, tackling ambitious projects on tight deadlines and approaching expert interviews with enthusiasm, which is reflected to great effect through her work. I highly recommend Sarah to any client lucky enough to have her.

Meghan Vivo, Former Content Director, Elements Behavioral Health

Sarah is truly a cut above. In addition to having the necessities: knowledge, punctuality and quality, she has an unflinching positive attitude and genuine excitement to take on new projects and learn new skills.

Over the years that we worked with Sarah, we made a variety of requests, often with tight deadlines, and she came through every time, not only meeting but exceeding our expectations. Sarah is a delight to work with, and I highly recommend Sarah for any content needs.

Joretta King, First-time author of Bleach On Colored Clothes

I met Sarah in a women's writing group. She was hired to be our writing coach. After the first class, I knew I wanted her expertise and energy to edit and publish my book. She comes across as very genuine, committed and passionate.

In addition to editing and publishing my memoir, Sarah also:

  • Created my book trailer
  • Created my website to promote the book, which meant designing, simple coding and writing

I highly recommend her as a writer, editor, publisher and overall professional.

Adrienne Greenwood, Founder, Adrienne Greenwood Haus Public Relations

I was introduced to Sarah through her writing when I was working for a previous public relations agency. The agency often hired her to ghostwrite profile pieces for our clients. When I struck out on my own, I knew I had to hire her. Within a few months, I promoted her from writer to managing editor. She manages all of the agency's media placements, writes the majority of articles, provides writing coaching and is ghostwriting a book for one of "Hidden Titans." She's a powerhouse with words.

Carmen Renè, Founder and CEO of Blissful Essential Oils

I met Sarah when she was the writing coach for a self-publishing course I took. I wanted to write and publish my book. I loved her easy-going, yet confident style. She treated us exactly the same, no matter how much experience we had or how shy some of us were. When it came time to edit and publish my book, I hired Sarah and love what her team did with my book, The Emerging Woman.